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    Our Mission:

    Sales, Conversions, Upgrades and Repairs for Modern and Classic Leisure Vehicles at our Workshop Situated in West Sussex.


    Your leisure vehicle is worth a lot to you. It's a ticket to explore the world around you, as a couple, family or just alone on a sunny evening with the tunes cranking!


    At Specialist Motorcaravan Services, we'll do all we can to make sure this remains the case, keeping you equipped and ready to hit the road, whether it's for a summer exploring the back roads of Europe, the surf trip of a life time, a festival extravaganza or that you are just living for the weekend getaway!

    Independence, Sustainability:

    We are passionate about what we do, and continually look for ways to develop our products and services to responsibly meet the changing needs of our customers and modern #vanlife.

    Who we are:

    We have been owners and dwellers in both classic and modern campers and motorhomes for the past 25 years, we've traveled in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, using campsites, aires, car parks and friends driveways! We draw from a vast array of experience and contacts to fuel our passion and deliver the best possible products, tailored to meet our customers needs.

  • Rugged bespoke vehicle conversions

    A glimpse to stir the imagination:

    Base Vehicles

    Size really does matter! Micro-campers, Weekenders and Motorhomes, which would you choose?


    Full camper conversions

    The ability to travel in comfort, and literally pack the kitchen sink!


    The weekender

    Stripped back to maximise flexibility.


    The old timers!

    Services and upgrades for the campers of advancing years.


  • Our Services to you

    Vehicle glazing, lining, Electrical installations, Solar Panels, Diesel heaters, Compressor cool boxes

    Awnings, Bike racks, Sleep systems etc.

    Solar Panels

    Rigid or Flexi,

    Premium quality panels with MPPT controllers, smartphone connectivity.

    Vehicle Glazing

    Bonded or Motorhome

    Vehicle specific bonded and motorhome double glazed soloutions, blinds and curtains.

    Diesel Heating


    Wet or dry heating systems, air and water heaters, diesel hobs.

    Awnings & Bike Racks


    Application-specific solutions available for many leisure vehicles.

    Cool Boxes & Fridges


    Low energy consumption, stylish design, available in many sizes & capacities.

    Electrical Installations

    Off grid, user friendly

    Bespoke to meet the individual needs of each project.

  • Rooftent Brands

    @ RooftentUtopia we're thrilled to have become the sole UK dealers for:


    Distinctive style with a reputation to be proud of.

    It all started in 1999, deep in the Australian Outback, where the founders of Sheepie® developed their roof tents and camped under harsh conditions. We are pleased to be first to bringing them to the UK.


    Continuous development and new lightweight models for recreational applications. The Sheepie® rooftop tent suits the seasoned 4×4 enthusiast as well as families with children. In addition to the various models of rooftop tents, we also offer a line of accessories that make (camping) life even more attractive.


    RTT Models:

    Jimba Jimba M & L

    Yuna 140, 160 & Family

    Bookara M & L


    Become part of the passion and explore like never before.


    Click on the photo to check out the Sheepie website.

    Dare to be different Outdoor (or D2BD Outdoor)

    A company driven by the desire to "do it well"

    The directors engineering background is evidenced in all the tiny details that set these Roof tents, Awnings and Cook-boxes apart.


    RTT Models:

    140S & L





    They also offer a range of robust awnings: Quad, Penta 180 & 270.


    Brand New and in stock now the 140S Lite, a distinctive, budget friendly roof tent for a great price! (pictures to follow)


    A range of compact equipped stainless Kitchen boxes complete the range.


    Click on the photo to be taken to the D2BD Outdoor website.

    Naitup Hussarde Rooftents:

    Manufactured in France.

    The most recent addition to our range are Hussarde roof tents manufactured in France by Naitup and coming with a 5 year guarantee and options including a Cabanon 100% cotton fabric tent.


    RTT Models:

    The Duo sleeps 2, with its low profile ABS shell,


    The Quatro and Family share the same ABS shell as the Duo, with an additional foldout platform assembly that can then accommodate upto 4-5 people.


    The company has a sound ethos and a desire to deliver quality sustainable products, please contact us for more information, or click on the photo to be taken to their French website.


    Femke, a Dutch fan of the outdoors and traveler in heart and soul.

    The range of roof tents from Femkes was the first we offered in the UK and we have built a great relationship with the company and admire their commitment to quality and product development. We have continuously tested their roof tents on our own vehicles and always have demonstrator models available.


    RTT Models:





    The recent addition of the Alukhosi, whose rugged shell allows the mounting of cargo rails for transporting bikes, boards, solar panels etc bring new opportunities.


    New for 2021 the Miles Starling a 140 cm wide hardshell Rooftent.


    Please contact us for more information, or click on the photo to be taken to the Opjeautoslapen website.

  • Femkes Rooftop Tents

    Specialist Motorcaravan Services is delighted to be partnering with Femkes rooftop tents as the UK centre for Sales & Rental.

    Who am I?

    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Femke, a Dutch fan of the outdoors and traveler in heart and soul. Femke's rooftop tents are super easy roof top tents for people who want to explore beautiful places quickly, easily and comfortably with any passenger car, large or small.




    Ready to join us on top?


    Has the thought of sleeping on top of your car ever crossed your mind? It's fun and really easy to do, consider this:


    Just put your pillow and blanket in the rooftop tent and off you go.


    Let the adventure begin.


    And yes, this tent fits on every car with crossbars, even really small cars.


    The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing gently through the tent, your mind wanders off to life outdoors............cycling, climbing, hiking.



    Which Tent for You?

    Rent or Buy ?

    All tents are equipped with mosquito netting, mattress, fixed canopies, a mounting kit and a ladder that can be extended if desired. Under the mattress is an anti-condensation mat (3D mesh) or a Froli system.

    The MILES, HOPPER and KHOSI are available both for sale and to rent. If you don't have any storage, consider renting a tent, however once you own a rooftop tent, you will use it more often than you think.


    If you do have a garage or storage area then we would recommend you buy one. You can then mount the RTT on your roof any time the Sun breaks through and head off to enjoy the great outdoors!


    Femke's Philosophy:

    It is my ambition to be able to supply a roof tent that is 100% sustainable. This is currently unfeasible. It requires a lot more research & development. But for now the first step has been made: the 'shell' of the tents is made of ABS. This, unlike polyester /fiberglass, is 100% recyclable.

    Next on the list is a canvas which uses as little chemicals treatment as possible, yet still performs in bad weather.


    Strong & smart


    · The rooftop tents are strong, solid and cleverly put together with handy gadgets & extras, such as ventilation grilles, drip rails and a sturdy ladder.

    - Everything can be replaced so no waste when something breaks or tears.

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